The Importance of Holocaust Education

One of the reasons that the Holocaust took place was that the Nazis convinced their followers that Jews, gypsies, the disabled and homosexuals were fundamentally different – even “subhuman” – from Germans. While Nazi propaganda was extremely powerful, it was only effective because of pre-existing prejudices. Prejudice arises from ignorance. When we are ignorant about people who are different from us – whether in terms of race, religion or ethnicity – it becomes all too easy to see them as “not like us,” and dis- like or fear them. Since the Holocaust, the world has been repeatedly traumatized by racial, religious and ethnic persecution, often rooted in ignorance and fear.

This year’s Holocaust Essay contest will focus on how we can use the lessons of the Holocaust to encourage tolerance, acceptance and respect for others.




The Holocaust - 2018 Writing Contest

We are pleased to announce this year's winners of the 2018 Holocaust Writing Contest:

Middle School

1st Place: Myla Martin, Central Private School - 8th grade

2nd Place: Jacob Schmidt, Runnels Jr. High School - 8th grade

3rd Place: Mary Alden Luttrell, Runnels Jr. High School - 8th grade

High School

1st Place: Aubri Watts, Runnels High School - 10th grade

2nd Place: Dillon Marshall, Dutchtown High School - 10th grade

3rd Place: Makenzie McGovern, Dutchtown High School - 10th grade




Writing Contest 2019 Writing Prompts


Elementary, grades 3-5 | no more than 150 words




Middle School, grades 6-8 | no more than 250 words




High School, grades 9-12 | 250-500 words