The Importance of Holocaust Education

One of the reasons that the Holocaust took place was that the Nazis convinced their followers that Jews, gypsies, the disabled and homosexuals were fundamentally different – even “subhuman” – from Germans. While Nazi propaganda was extremely powerful, it was only effective because of pre-existing prejudices. Prejudice arises from ignorance. When we are ignorant about people who are different from us – whether in terms of race, religion or ethnicity – it becomes all too easy to see them as “not like us,” and dis- like or fear them. Since the Holocaust, the world has been repeatedly traumatized by racial, religious and ethnic persecution, often rooted in ignorance and fear.

This year’s Holocaust Essay contest will focus on how we can use the lessons of the Holocaust to encourage tolerance, acceptance and respect for others.




The Holocaust - 2018 Writing Contest

Participants in the Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge’s Holocaust Writing Contest will be given the opportunity to express their thoughts on making decisions that not only affect them, but those around them. Essays will not be returned. 



Entries must be typed, double spaced and include a title page that lists the author’s name, school, teacher, grade, phone number and email address. Submissions missing requested information will be automatically disqualified.

There are three divisions in the contest: the lower school division (3rd-5th grade), the middle school division (6th-8th grade) and the high school division (9th-12th grade).

  • Entries must be postmarked by March 2nd
  • Teachers may send a maximum of ten essays per classroom
  • Entries are to be mailed to:

Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge         

14241 Coursey Blvd., Suite A-12, #377
Baton Rouge, LA 70817



Winners of the contest will be contacted ahead of time and announced at a special Holocaust Memorial Service on Sunday, April 8th at Beth Shalom Synagogue, located at 9111 Jefferson Hwy, from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

Prizes will be given in each division of the contest.

1st place $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble, $50 cash

2nd place $35 gift card to Barnes & Noble, $25 cash

3rd place $35 gift card to Barnes & Noble, $20 cash

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Sager at 225.379.7393 or



Writing Contest Writing Prompts

Elementary, grades 3-5 | no more than 150 words

Football players are letting the public know that they are concerned about what they feel is an injustice in America.

Can you write about why this is right or wrong and explain your position?


Middle School, grades 6-8 | no more than 250 words

What are ways we can let our political leaders know how we feel about something that is happening?

You could write a letter, call their office or maybe even visit the politician’s office. Now, write a letter to one of your leaders (i.e. mayor, governor, senator, etc.) with your concerns about something that is currently happening in America and let that politician know what you would like him or her to do to address the problem.


High School, grades 9-12 | 250-500 words

Recently Confederate statues are being removed from public places in some cities. There are people who support the removing of the statues because it reminds them of a time that remains very painful to them individually and collectively. There are people who believe that the statues should remain to remind of us of our history.

Write an essay explaining how you feel about this issue and what you think communities should do about this.